Update Yourself With Pollution Index App

Update Yourself With Pollution Index App

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We cannot live without air. Air gets polluted due to hazardous and dangerous gases; therefore the quality of the air reduces. Respiration is a normal process; we take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. But it is not necessary that the air we inhale is pure. We do get news about pollution levels and air quality levels but still we cannot understand as we have less knowledge about pollution. With the advent of technology, you can update yourself with information about different kinds of pollutants, pollution levels, weather forecasts and daily updates on pollution levels. It can be done with the help of your mobile application that provides you relevant and accurate information about daily pollution levels and its consequences on your health.

You can download pollution index app iPhone from your app store. The application provides you information about the pollutant levels in the city and how can you protect yourself from these dangerous pollutants

There are various benefits of this mobile application that works as world pollution index for you.
• Compare pollutants – You can compare the air pollution levels of your city with different cities. It gives you information that which city is less polluted and better for your and family’s health.
• Get alerts- You can get alerts about waning levels of air pollution levels, health updates and daily forecasts.
• Sensitive information- You receive important information about air pollution that can be important for kids, pregnant women, asthmatic patients and elderly people.
• Travel information – The mobile application updates you with information about traveling destination, pollution levels, past levels and health issues.
• Contribute to WWF- If you download the pollution index app from the store, you can be contributing to the environment, as 20% of the revenue generated from the application would go to WWF. Hence, you can be a part of planet protection mission and do your bit to the nature. It is a message to the society that it is our collective responsibility to protect the nature. Click here to see  the great air quality index.

We all need air therefore we cannot always blame others and the government. If we unite and take individual responsibility to reduce the pollution levels by reducing the speed of the vehicle, using eco friendly items, encouraging recycling and other activities, we can reduce air pollution. With the help of the app, you can be updated about AQI levels, past statistics, compare other world capitals, be attentive towards sensitive pollution levels and take necessary steps to protect you and your family from low air quality. The pollution index app is very useful for every individual as it provides relevant and real time information.